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Ilikethis | This sensor measures and evaluates the quality of your food
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This sensor measures and evaluates the quality of your food

This sensor measures and evaluates the quality of your food

It is already possible to monitor in real time the quality of a food or a product. With the QStamp technology platform, created by Mater Dynamics, variables such as pressure, humidity and force are evaluated using microelectric circuits.

Founded in 2016, Mater Dynamics is a startup in the area of nanotechnology and microelectronics that is dedicated to the development and manufacture of flexible sensors, having as main technology the QStamp. This software came “after the discovery of food waste in ports”, says Tiago Cunha Reis, CEO of the company.

But, what does the QStamp technology platform consists of? “This is software that uses microelectronic circuits that can measure external variables like pressure, humidity and force, according to the coupling of different molecules and nanomaterials”, explains the creator of Mater Dynamics. The use of QStamp does not require physical power supplies and can be used on flexible substrates such as paper or plastic and is, therefore, a non-intrusive technology that “makes any surface intelligent in terms of sensing and monitoring”. QStamp has been mainly applied to the level of food safety and traceability of products in this industry, either individually on each label or in aggregate on pallets of merchandise.

In many cases, sensors are used by producers and retailers to monitor in real-time the quality of products as well as where they are and where they were. Through the integration in a specific customer portal, it is also possible, in an autonomous and remote way, to predict the temporal depreciation of the products. Tiago Cunha Reis has no doubt that “QStamp is seen as a tool for inventory control and decision support, aligned with the needs of quality control and auditing”.

The company expects a good integration of QStamp by the end of 2018, with the technology running from the packaging to the supermarket line. The success of QStamp, “justified by the low cost and the importance of remote sensing”, has already reached across borders and Mater Dynamics has registered sales in Spain, France and Belgium.

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