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Ilikethis | The solution for drying plants quickly
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The solution for drying plants quickly

The solution for drying plants quickly

Based on the idea that the success of effective drying of fruit and vegetable products is measured by indicators such as moisture, color, aroma, taste and texture, BLACK BLOCK system acts intelligently, managing the drying parameters at all times and automatically, allowing quality, constant and reliable results.

This innovative system arose from the need for equipment that would lead to superior results, “a low-cost acquisition and operation equipment that provides the convenience of being accessible and controlled at a distance”, a “robust equipment that allows intensive and professional use”, explains the company BBKW that, in the absence of these equipment, created a solution to offer the agricultural market an innovative drying solution, BLACK BLOCK.

In general terms, BLACK BLOCK consists of a container drying system, in a process controlled by an algorithm that chooses one of three methods, according to the needs. The process is monitored and adjusted by the user, and can be used in aromatic and medicinal plants and fruits. With a low cost of installation and operation, this food dehydration system is modular and can be expanded to the pace of business growth.

During the day, BLACK BLOCK uses sunlight to warm the air, allowing “unbeatable drying capacity with a very low operating cost” and at night uses the electric power of a network of dehumidifiers and heaters, smartly managed, optimizing the drying process. In this way, the system acts intelligently, always managing the drying parameters.

One of the main benefits of BLACK BLOCK is that it is environmentally friendly, as it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and uses the sun as a source of energy, making it environmentally and energy efficient, and is estimated to consume less 75 percent energy than conventional systems.

The BLACK BLOCK dryers, created by Gonçalo Costa Martins, won the EDP Innovation Prize in 2015, awarded by EDP for ideas in the area of ​​energy.

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