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Ilikethis | Rutz: environmentally friendly cork shoes
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Rutz: environmentally friendly cork shoes

Rutz: environmentally friendly cork shoes

From a passion for shoes and the desire to innovate and unite two of the largest Portuguese industries was born on January 4, 2012 Rutz, which best matches the Portuguese origins and traditions in cork and footwear with innovation and the preservation of the environment. The main responsibles for this brand, based in Lisbon, are Raquel Castro and Hugo Baptista. Rutz is derived from the English roots.

Cork is the element common to all collections of the brand, and is then combined with other environmentally friendly materials, such as non-chromium skins that “do not use any chemical for its transformation”, explains Rutz. For the brand, cork is a raw material with several advantages: it is a natural material, waterproof, breathable, highly resistant, washable, flexible and, above all, environmentally friendly.

With “modern, sophisticated and elegant collections” in which there is a “stamp of origin and tradition”, Rutz has a range of footwear for women, men and children, but also leather goods and costume jewelery for women and men. The latest addition was the launch of a collection of objects for the home, which includes ceramics and glassware. In the BASIC line are available espadrilles with an average price of 40 euros and in the most premium footwear the average prices are around 150 euros in the women segment, 180 euros in the men segment and 55 euros in the women’s shoes. If you are looking for bags the average value is 140 euros and the jewelry is around 25 euros.

Rutz’s pieces are fully produced in Portugal in six factories, two in São João da Madeira and other in Benedita, in Alcobaça. Rutz currently has two own-brand stores in Baixa de Lisboa and LX Factory, but the pieces with the brand’s logo can also be found in Porto, Batalha, Vila Real, Coimbra or in the online store. Currently the national market accounts for about 44 percent of Rutz’s sales, which already exports to the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Australia.

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