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Ilikethis | Crème Caviar: the perfect match for a special day
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Crème Caviar: the perfect match for a special day

Crème Caviar: the perfect match for a special day

The shoes are a detail that can pass next on the wedding day, but in Crème Caviar is the highlight element. From the colors to the materials, to the insole and not forgetting the size of the heel, all the details are thought, chosen by the bride who will use them and customized by this company created by Ana Amorim about a year ago.

But, the history of Crème Caviar begins much earlier in 2011 when Ana, natural of Vale de Cambra, decides to “attend training at the footwear training center”. At the time, the young entrepreneur worked as a trainer at a New Opportunities Center and had completed a degree in Social Work. “This area arises from my difficulty in finding shoes that I like, or because it is not that color, or that heel or that combination”, explains. Shortly after the start of the training, Ana decided to bet on a brand and started a “custom shoe project, but for day to day life”. She quickly realized that she received several requests for bridal shoes and ceremonies and in 2016 chosed to segment the public, and Crème Caviar was born in January 2017.

Crème Caviar does not make shoes by size, it just “personalizes the shoes that the customer wants as a base through the change of colors and materials, as well as the structure of the heel, that has to be tested”, explains the brand’s founder. The main advantage is that the client, the majority being brides, can choose all the details, namely if they are closed ahead and open behind, with or without buckles, with platform of compensation of the heel, if it has pearls or with other accessory. The process has the support and help of the creative direction of Crème Caviar and is made under prior appointment in The Feeting Room in Porto or Lisbon. After the appointment, the client tries out the suggestions available and chooses the materials and a month and a half later she has her custom shoes on hand. The values vary between 188 and 238 euros.

Ana explains that at this moment the brand is partnered with the studio of Pureza de Mello Breyner and is “structuring photoshoot with some national brands of accessories also aimed at brides”. In the short term, the goals are to have a collection of day-to-day shoes available for immediate purchase, but also to “add new models to the bridal collection, which is not closed”.

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